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What is a Nostr Address (NIP-05)?

Your Identity

NIP-05 Nostr protocol uses human-readable identifier to find and follow others on Damus, Amethyst, Primal.

Easily Reconizable

The identifier serves as a substitute for a public key and identifies users in a recognizable way on any Nostr client.

Personalized Address

This identifier is commonly compared to an email address you can personalize:
 [email protected]

Choose a plan

We'll always offer a free version of our verified Nostr address.

However, our premium plans offer instant verification, include optional vanity domains to really stand out in the Nostrverse, a premium relay without spam, and Nostr address email forwarding!

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*Usernames and email forwarders are on a first come, first serve basis

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Find out the most common questions related to our Nostr address verification service.

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The premium plans verification process is instant!

All free verification submissions are processed within 1 hour!

Currently, you cannot use the newer npub addresses for a NIP-05 verified address. You must convert a Damus key to an old-style hex key.

You can get the hex version of your public key from the Damus Key Converter site.

Yes! The premium plans verification process is instant!

However, all free verification submissions are processed within 1 hour batches!

If you change your username in a Nostr client, it will break the verification and you will need to go through the verification process all over again.

Additionally, if you change your public key, it will break the verification and you will need to go through the verification process all over again.

Simply re-use our verification form to set a new username with your public hex key.

For our paid subscribers, please contact us at [email protected] for us to update your username for you.

No. If you have lost your private key (nsec), we cannot help recover it. The NIP-05 verification process does not (from our end) require the private key. We have no way of recovering a lost private key.

A lost or compromised private key would require you to create a new Nostr account and go through the verification process over again.

All free verifications use our default @verified-nostr.com domain.

Our premium plans by default use their own unique subdomains, dependent upon the subscription (ex: purple.verified-nostr.com and onyx.verified-nostr.com).

However, vanity domains are also included for our subscribers, as follows:

Purple plan domains

  • 21million.fun
  • nostrich.cool
  • freedom.casa
  • sats.cheap
  • checkmark.club

Onyx plan domains
  • All domains in Purple
  • censorship.rip
  • unbanned.lol
  • satoshi.ceo
  • zaps.money
  • pleb.army

The optional vanity domains are immediately available to use as a verified Nostr address, depending on the subscribed plan. Simply pick a vanity domain that's available in your plan and use it as the domain in your Nostr address instead of our defaults.

If you've subscribed to one of our premium plans you can manage the subscription here.

If you've subscribed to one of our premium plans and you've canceled the subscription here, the verification with the vanity domains will be automatically disabled at the end of your subscription period.

However, your account will automatically fallback to our free address @verified-nostr.com domain, which you can switch to in the NIP-05 address section of your Nostr client.

If you've subscribed to one of our premium plans you will gain access to our premium Nostr relay.

The premium relay is limited users, all who have a paid subscription. The premium relay is therefore faster and free from spam!

Once subscribed, your pubkey will be automatically allowed access to our paid relay.

If you've subscribed to the Onyx plan you will be able to select a vanity domain for an email alias.

This will turn your username into an email forwarder using one of the ten vanity domains you select at checkout, which will pass on emails sent to it to the email address used when subscribing.

The email forwarder will be automatically set up and will point towards the email address you use during checkout with Stripe. Upon set up, you will receive a notification from SimpleLogin to confirm your email address for the the alias's mailbox.

We respect your privacy! We can not read emails sent through email forwarding.

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 NOTE: Your public key must be hex format and not npub or nsec. To get hex key use Damus Key Converter

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